Founded in 1992, Sagitter was created by one of the original founders of Clay Paky Lighting company. The first Sagitter product – the Prince Scanner – was launched in 1993, closely followed by Tracer. The first true flagship product in the Sagitter line, Tracer, was an innovative Follow Spot that gave the operator full and simple control over many of the functions such as colour selection, iris regulation and blackout.
The Tracer, together with Super Tracer provided Sagitter worldwide recognition and as testament are still among the best known and most widely imitated Follow Spots on the market today.
Sagitter stands out as one of the first brands to break into China, where it still enjoys high visibility, followed by success in Central and South America and then in the rest of the world.
In 2009 Proel Group acquired the Sagitter brand as part of the plan for strengthening its position in the professional lighting field.
The Abruzzo, Italy based multinational began by opening a new Research and Development department, focused on reinvigorating the Sagitter product line through innovation and design to re-establish the legendary brand as a market leader.

Development and management of Europe and CIS countries defining the sales strategy, marketing strategy and pricing structure to allow the management of Distributors in some countries and Retailers, Rentals and System Intregrators in other countries.