It is not easy to define Business Development because it is transactional in the company and every company need it if they want to perform better, reach better results and expand into new markets.

Business Development involves many departments inside the company such as sales, marketing, product management and any other that is crucial to the goal. Every company is different and unique but in Business Development the common factors are that the stake holders are open to novelty and different ways to think the business in order to reach the goals and to stand out from the competitors.

Usually the companies invest in Business Development when it comes to evaluate the business opportunities for their products/services into other markets, expanding the territories. All the decisions are taken after carefull analysis, researches and studies. Once the business opportunity is found, it comes to put in place inside the company through the departments the actions that will get to the goal.

How can I help your business

The key value in this role is to have an overview of the company and all of the departments along with the experience in the market with market researches, negotiation with distributors, retailers, dealers and strategic partners. My personal experience goes from setting up and managing businesses to open new markets defining distribution contracts, negotiating with retailers and studying new ways to insert a brand into a market.