Seems easy to sell a product abroad thinking that it is the same as selling in your current country, but it is not. Once it is defined in which country and through which strategy will be performed the sale, now it is time to put the Export Manager in action to find the best business partner in the target clients and to manage all the bureaucracy to allow the company to sell in the country. The Export Manager will work strictly with the departments Logistics, Production, Marketing and will coordinate the sales team.

Every country has his own rules for each product and to make it easier, many times, the culture brings some more obstacles that most of the companies are not taking into consideration.

The Export Manager will align the sales policy with the market and will also evaluate all the duties, freight costs, certifications, trade fairs and contracts.

How can I help your business

The Negotiation skills are fundamental for this role and thanks to all my experiences I could negotiate with distributors, retailers, rentals, trade shows managers and sales reps. I have an Analytical and Statistical attitude that is necessary when it comes to evaluate the performance of a market and to define a sales policy. It is also important to have an investigative attitude to find out all the potential business partners in the market.