The Marketing department is covering a key role in the business success because develops the company imprinting in the market. Most of the companies confuse Marketing with Advertising but they don’t know that Advertising is just a part of the Marketing.

Strategic Marketing is necessary to understand the consumers and the market and then define the strategies that can go over Market Researches, Marketing Communications, Street Price Strategy, Social Media Management and In Field Promotion. One of the key roles of Marketing is to collect market data and perform analysis on it to align the business and sales strategies.

The Strategic Marketing drives the Brand and the product into a market ensuring that the target clients and consumers will perceive the values that the company wants to communicate. It will ensure that a Brand is felt as luxury or economic and a product as healthy or gorgeous.

How can I help your business

My experience in Marketing started in 2006 with an Advertising Studio in Brazil, than as Marketing Manager into a Music Store in Italy managing also the E-Commerce and after as Marketing Consultant collaborating with many companies in different fields. Being an out-of-the-box thinker gives me many ideas and strategies that can be applied in any kind of business.